Participation rules

Sewing Festival 2018 is a CLOSED event!

Without a doubt many of you wonder why such an event, as the Sewing Festival, has to be a closed event? How is it? What for?

As you can guess, the organization of such events requires the fulfillment of a number of strictly defined conditions. An open event is much more complicated in this respect, it requires a number of consents and approvals from individual offices and state institutions, not to mention the waiting time for the replies to applications. It is much easier to register an event as closed, it is also easier to secure the area of the whole event, as well as provide safety for everyone. The closed event also has its procedural requirements, but they are not so complicated and time-consuming. That is why we made that decision. But don’t worry: the ticket is not expensive  and it can be purchased at any time. Due to this form of the Festival, it is necessary to introduce, among others, the PERSONAL tickets (if the ticket purchased in our store will not show your first and last name as stated on your ID card, we cannot grant you the access to the festival area). The purchased ticket is valid for the entire duration of the festival and every time you re-enter the area you will only need to show the ID card along with the ticket.

The price of a personal ticket to the Sewing Festival:  PLN 1.00

– the tickets can be purchased online or directly at the entrance to the festival area.


As the Sewing Festival organizer, we invite you to participate as:

Partners, Sellers, Sponsors, Organizations and Associations, in other words: all of you who conduct a business related to the broadly defined definition of sewing. The intention of the organizers is that each entity should contribute to the co-creation of the Festival, therefore the type of participation will depend on the level of involvement in the undertaking and the time spent in its co-organization. The following is the general outline of each group:

Partner :
The most effective for the entrepreneur is to participate in the event as a venture partner. Suggest your own idea, which will help to make the Festival more attractive, in case of the interest and positive consideration by the organizer, you will be provided with the specific conditions. Of course, as a Partner, you participate in the success of the venture, but remember that it requires your full commitment.

Seller :
Do you run a fabric store? Are you the owner of the dry goods store? Do you have sewing accessories? Do you create tutorials, do you sew or train, are you creative? That is perfect! You are exactly the person we look for, we have the area of 4 square meters available for you. Consider our Sewing Festival as a place of specific fairs, there will be a lot of visitors, this is May weekend, where the visitors will come not only for the sewing itself. Please contact us.

Sponsor : 
Do you want to be visible at the Festival? Would you like to be all over the news? Do you want your logo to appear on the posters? Don’t you have time to be involved as the partner or seller? No worries. Joint the sponsorship agreement – you pay us, we advertise your business. We appreciate your decision and understand that it is not always possible to be present in person, but not participating in the Sewing Festival, it is like losing the chance to be part of it. 😉

Organizations / Associations, etc.

We invite you on special conditions, which will be discussed individually. Please be advised that any non-profit organization will find a special place with us. 🙂


Write us at ( with the subject according to your interests: Partner/Seller/Sponsor, we will consider each application immediately; please provide us with your telephone number – it will certainly make the contact easier.