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Remember! The Sewing Festival 2018 takes place in the Primary School named after Jerzy Szaniawski in Jadwisin at 46 Szkolna Street, 05-140 Jadwisin

Festival 2018 location

In the Primary School named after Jerzy Szaniawski at 46 Szkolna Street, 05-140 Jadwisin there will be 7 classrooms prepared and a sports hall in which various courses will be conducted throughout the duration of the Festival.

All the classrooms and sports hall will be equipped with various sewing machines of the following manufacturers: Elna, Juki, Janome, Husqvarna, Redstar (over 140 machines)

We also took care of accommodation, details in the “Accommodation” tab.

Sponsors and Partners of the Sewing Festival 2018
ETI Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

The ETI company was established in 1999 on the initiative of Ewa and Paweł Broński and with the participation of Maciej Waligórski. From the very beginning, our offer was a response to the expectations of customers who sew, iron or repair clothing. At the end of the 1990s, the professional sewing accessories were not available for users of sewing machines.

Owing to many years of experience, we have managed to prepare a practical and proven portfolio. After two years of distribution of accessories for sewing hobbyists, we introduced the sewing machines, overlocks and embroidery machines to our offer.

We tested the majority of manufacturers trying to choose the best one, whose products are of the highest quality and whose offer best respond to the market expectations. After the tests, we were sure that the best choice was JANOME – a Japanese manufacturer of sewing and embroidery machines (90 years of tradition, the largest number of sewing machines manufactured in the world). We are a leading distributor of JANOME machines in Europe. Recently, the Swiss brand of sewing machines ELNA has come under our wings.

IMPALL Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

Impall has been accompanying its clients on the road to success for over 25 years, developing and strengthening its own brand at the same time. Over the years, we have managed to significantly expand the headquarters – now it’s over 500 square meters of exhibition hall and over one thousand square meters of warehouses.

We employ over 60 employees, including a well-developed sales department and a workshop with professional technicians. We import the machines and equipment of the world’s most appreciated manufacturers, such as SIRUBA and JACK, we provide the technical support and ensure the availability of spare parts. Over 20 years ago we introduced, as the first company, the computer system of production preparation and automatic cutting (cutters). The development of global technology allows us to constantly expand our offer with new solutions – we are able to fully equip your textile company, including all subsequent production processes and their control.

Please visit our website. We will provide you with a permanent access to the latest products from the world of textiles, as well as the opportunity to exchange the opinions with representatives of the textile and related industries. The Impall store is a comprehensive approach to the production of clothing, accessories and textiles. The offer includes a variety of sewing machines, allowing both work in large facilities and at home (Juki, Siruba), Impall is the exclusive distributor of JUKI household sewing machines. After all, the main goal of our activity remains the industrial sewing machines, among them machines for cutting, sewing and hemstitching various types of materials.

We sell the equipment manufactured by the leading global manufacturers including JUKI, Jack and Siruba machines as well as the products from companies such as Japsew. We care about the excellent store supply both in terms of the machines themselves and other elements necessary for large-scale work, including spare parts, accessories and textile products. The success we have achieved allows us to support people in need.


Juki’s insight into the world of sewing machine manufacturing began with home machines in 1947 and the company’s original strengths lying in home sewing machines has only strengthened and improved through the decades. Juki keeps up with new technologies, implementing the innovative solutions in the production of home and industrial sewing machines. Owing to the use of modern solutions and constant striving to improve the projects, the company has become a leader, distinguished especially on the market of household sewing machines. The important achievements include, among others, 1954 in which Juki manufactured the first ROTALIX needle take up system for the household sewing machines; 1978 when the first automatic thread trimmer and automatic needle threading technology were introduced as well as 1985 when he first auto-thread tension system for household machines was introduced. These pioneering advancements are still in use in the top quality machines around the world. In 1976 the first Juki home overlock machines were manufactured with the use of industrial serger technology (MO-100) enabling the cutting of fabric’s hemmed edges. The introduction of these machines to the market has been hailed as a breakthrough in the home sewing machine industry and soon this model has become one of the best known, both among beginners and semi-professionals. We still receive numerous inquiries regarding the possibility of ordering the accessories for the MO-100 model – so many people still use these machines. Recently, in the Exceed series of household sewing machines, we have also used the mechanisms previously used only in the industrial machines. The box feed transport system has been installed, which even more efficiently cares for even, trouble-free feeding of the multi-layer fabric. as well as a foot switch for thread cutting, which is not a standard in household machines. Juki is a leading manufacturer of sewing machines – both for household and industrial use. operating in global markets. We have been manufacturing the household machines for over 65 years, constantly conducting research on their improvement and the increase of efficiency. Juki machines are designed in Japan and are distinguished by innovative solutions and the highest quality. The customers all over the world appreciate them for their robustness, simplicity in use and reliability which the JUKI brand has always been associated with.

Warszawa Szyje

Warszawa Szyje is a mine of tailoring knowledge and inspiration!

It consists of three complementary cores:
Sewing schools, a group on Facebook, and Fanpage. At school, we develop our own programs, ensuring that they are not only interesting, but also packed with practical knowledge, which we are happy to share with you.
In the group we provide support and allow reaching more people interested in sewing. The exchange of experience and the joint working out of the difficulties encountered during sewing takes place in a nice and friendly environment. Our Fanpage helps getting the inspiration about sewing, we post here many trivia and information on sewing. Come join us!

Machine premieres

Announcements, stay tuned!

List of Exhibitors & Sponsors

In addition to Sponsors and Partners, during the Festival there will also be several exhibitors selling various useful items and gifts. 

Participation rules

Visitors, sellers, partners, sponsors, festival currency – find out more.


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